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Nsumba Orphanage Update
Nsumba, Uganda

Nsumba OrphanageNsumba Orphanage, located 20 miles outside of Kampala (the capital city of Uganda) is owned by the Kampala Catholic Diocese and managed by the Ggogonnya Sisters. The orphanage is located on a large tract of land with a number of solid buildings used for dormitories, school buildings, a medical clinic and housing for the sisters. Nsumba serves over 600 children. At first glance Nsumba Orphanage appears to be ahead of many other orphanage projects. A closer look reveals a very similar story – too many children, too many needs and very little in the way of financial support.

Be The Change, Inc, was introduced to Nsumba Orphanage in the summer of 2009. In 2010 BTC returned with a small team to provide some basic medical care and to conduct a development assessment. As a result of the assessment, BTC wrote a partnership agreement with Nsumba Orphanage that committed BTC time and resources for a 3-5 year period to help them build sustainable programs in health care, clean water, agriculture (plants and animals), sports, staff development and income generating projects.

Help from Boise Watumishi

The Boise, Idaho Watumishi group of adults and students has chosen Nsumba Orphanage as their primary partner. The medical team that visited Nsumba in 2010 reinvigorated the on-site medical clinic by donating equipment, medical supplies and medicines. The team spent countless hours setting up a new medical record system, providing physicals for many children and laying the groundwork for a return visit in 2011.

The Boise Watumishi also spent time evaluating the staffing at Nsumba and concluded that while conditions have improved direct caregiver staff (9 aunties and uncles) still live in substandard housing and they lack information, skills and resources to deal with many issues that arise for children with complex, traumatic histories. The aunties and uncles are also separated from their families for long periods of time because of the remote nature of the orphanage and lack of transportation resources. The Boise team is conducting fundraising efforts to try and address some of these issues.

Steps Toward Hope

Watumishi StudentsThe students from Boise helped identify ways to improve the sports program and facilities at Nsumba. BTC staff persons in Uganda helped the orphanage start a mushroom project to provide some variety to the children’s diet (which consists of corn meal twice each day….every day).

Plans to prepare the grounds for an increase in crop production and animals (cows, chickens, goats, pigs) have been completed. Some schools affiliated with BTC just completed a fund drive to help purchase animals for Nsumba. A thorough review of the water system was just completed by local professionals and BTC is waiting for the report and recommendations.

The Boise Watumishi raised over $13,000 for the Nsumba Orphanage Project in 2010 and an additional $3,600 so far in 2011. Here is how some of the money has been spent to date: Boise student travel scholarship – $2500, medical equipment and supplies for Nsumba, (including mosquito nets for all 600 children) –$ 3275, computer for the Director at Nsumba and internet connection - $700, medicines for the Nsumba medical clinic - $750, BTC Uganda staff work - $1040, Van rental and gas for medical team to work at Nsumba - $850.

BTC and the Boise Watumishi will return to Nsumba in July, 2011. With your continued prayers and support we will continue to be partners with our friends at Nsumba and that partnership will undoubtedly change all of our lives.

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